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Why you should work with a top Mortgage Broker in Mississauga 2020-05-11 15:40:05 Akal Mortgages Why you should work with a top Mortgage Broker in Mississauga

mortgage brokerMany Canadians, when they need to apply for a mortgage or other financial product simply go to their financial institution and sign up for the posted rate. While this may work out well for some, it is often not the best choice. Had they worked with a top mortgage broker in Mississauga, they may have got a better product and/or ended up saving thousands of dollars.

Working with a top mortgage broker in Mississauga has many advantages and in this article we are going to discuss what some of those advantages are.

1. We can comparison shop for you.

Mortgage brokers work with dozens of reputable lenders and your mortgage broker can compare rates for you to make sure that you are getting the best deal. Now you may ask whether you couldn’t just compare rates yourself. Well, you could however this can be very time consuming. It can also be damaging to your credit if you have multiple lenders run a credit check. With a mortgage broker, you’ll have only one credit check and your broker will be able to get quotes from multiple lenders.

2. We can help you get a mortgage when traditional lenders can’t.

Traditional lenders have very strict criteria when it comes to giving mortgages, and sometimes that criteria doesn’t allow them to look at the bigger picture. This means that people in unique circumstances (such as those who are self-employed, or don’t have perfect credit), get turned down by these institutions. Top mortgage brokers in Mississauga however work with a variety of specialty lenders, which means you have a much better chance of getting approved.

3. We offer more than just mortgages.

Some people think that you only need a mortgage broker when you are buying a home. This is simply not true. Mortgage brokers can help in a variety of other circumstances as well. If you are already a homeowner for example, your mortgage broker can help you borrow cash from the equity in your home. They do this using strategies such as mortgage refinancing, second mortgages, and home equity lines of credit.  They can even help you use these strategies to consolidate your high interest debt.

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