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Why you should hire a mortgage broker to get a commercial mortgage 2020-07-28 15:56:40 Akal Mortgages Why you should hire a mortgage broker to get a commercial mortgage

commercial mortgageIf you are in need of a commercial mortgage, you might think that it is most convenient simply to go to your company’s bank and apply for one. But while this may be a convenient option it is rarely the best – or the most cost effective.

Commercial mortgages are considerably more complex than residential mortgages, so it pays to have a true expert on your side. It pays to work with a qualified mortgage broker.

Why should you work with a mortgage broker for your commercial mortgage?

There are several reasons, but in this article, we would like to cover some of the biggest ones.


As we have already mentioned, commercial mortgages are usually much more complex than residential mortgages. When you work with a commercial mortgage broker, they will not only be able to help you get the best rate and terms (and help you understand those terms!), they will also have an extensive knowledge of commercial real estate in general as well as an understanding of funding options to help you secure your commercial property.


Another reason to work with a commercial mortgage broker is the fact that have connections and relationships with many different lenders, meaning that they can shop around to help you find the very best mortgage for you and your business.

And because they have an intimate knowledge of the mortgage industry, mortgage brokers can also help you steer clear of unethical lenders.

More Options

Finally, when you work with a commercial mortgage broker, you can feel confident that you are getting the right kind of commercial mortgage for your business. When you go to your bank, you only have a limited variety of mortgage products to choose from – but because your mortgage broker works with dozens of lenders, you’ve got many more options for customization.

Getting a commercial mortgage can be one of the best decisions that you make for your business – but to get the best possible rates and terms, working with a mortgage broker is key. If you would like to set up a meeting with one of our professional brokers, give us a call today.

When we say YES! We stand behind our promise.®™


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