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refinance aIf you are thinking about refinancing your mortgage, you may be wondering if the timing is right. Perhaps interest rates have dropped since you signed for your original mortgage – on the other hand, maybe you are thinking of holding out until interest rates drop a little more. How do you know when the right time is?

stressed asian woman holding credit card feeling w 2021 12 09 17 47 06 utc minHaving a lot of high interest debt can leave you feeling as though you’re making all these payments but aren’t really getting anywhere in terms of getting rid of the debt. As a homeowner, a debt consolidation mortgage can help you out. Here’s what you need to know.

couple signingWhen it comes to accessing extra cash, there are a few options that you may be considering but aren’t completely sure if they’re right for you.  A home equity loan can be a very positive option for helping you get the cash you need but it’s important to be aware of both the pros and the cons.

refinance 2021 08 30 08 01 49 utc 1Refinancing your home can be an effective way to reduce your interest payments, consolidate your debt, or even to finance a large purchase or project. But before you refinance your home, you need to understand exactly what this strategy does and does not do. So if refinancing is something that you are considering, here are a few things that you need to know.


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