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Private Mortgage, Kitchener - Akal Mortgages

Private Mortgage Kitchener

Many circumstances, such as a self-employed individual, a bad credit or just a simple lack in the application can prevent you from getting a mortgage granted from banks or other financial lenders. But this is not something that should prevent you from securing your dream home.

At Akal Mortgages, we have a wide network of private lenders waiting to find a borrower for a property mortgage. These investors come from various backgrouds and hence have their own terms and conditions. They do not have to follow fixed protocols unlike the banks and hence give real time mortgages to their clients.

How It Works?

  • Fill Out Our Mortgage Application
  • Scan Potential Private Lenders
  • Shortlist the One With Mutual Terms
  • Let us Take Care of the remaining Formalities
  • Secure Your Dream Home

Private Mortgage in Kitchener can give you a variety of terms which the banks may not be able to offer. Many individuals look for a lower down payment whereas other look for a long term loan. Due to this flexibility Private Mortgages in Kitchener have been on high demand.