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    If you are looking for a home, but have doubts you will be able to get a mortgage, take heart, you just need to find the right mortgage for you. You may be wondering about your credit score, so just so you know, anything less than 670 is considered “bad,” or “poor” from 300-579
    No two bad credit situations are the same. Lenders always look at more than just your credit score, they also look at how much you have for income, size of your downpayment, any debts you have in collections, and how much debt you have. There are options out there for those with less than perfect credit scores.
    Let’s look at a Bad Credit Mortgage, and see if it may be the right fit for you.

    Bad Credit Mortgage

    What is a Bad Credit Mortgage Loan?

    A Bad Credit Mortgage loan is a loan created to allow those with poor or bad credit to buy a home. There need to be some form of collateral to secure the loan.
    You may find a mortgage with bad credit, but you will usually have a high interest rate and higher mortgage payments. It helps to have a large deposit. If you have cash, put it towards your downpayment. A credit score will only qualify you for a set amount of loan, you can cover what the difference is in cast and still get the home you want.

    Tips to help you Get a Mortgage When You have Bad Credit

    These tips will help you improve your financial score and help you get a better mortgage.
    1. Improve your Credit : If you get a mortgage while you have bad credit, you can still work on your credit by refinancing your mortgage to get better terms. How can you improve your credit?
    2. Get yourself a Bad Credit Mortgage Broker : Save a large downpayment: Sometimes called a “B” lender or a “Sublime” lender, this type of lender specializes in people with bad credit, or have gone through bankruptcy. You can also find a private mortgage lender to help you. Though there may be more fees involved, you will be able to get a mortgage.
    3. Save a large downpayment : Lenders take in your income, debt, and size of down payment when considering your mortgage loan. Since the minimum down payment is usually 5%,of the purchase price, try to save up more than that, it will then be less of a risk for you. A larger down payment (20 to 25%) shows you are financially stable to go a house in the eyes of a lender, and it lowers monthly payments.
    4. Find a co-signer : Although a little risky, getting a co-signer for your mortgage can help you out a lot, especially if the co-signer has great credit. The co-signer guarantees the mortgage payments will be made, if you can them then the co-signer is legally required to take over making payments. You will get better mortgage rates with a co-signer, since they are considered a co-borrower and his or her income is considered during the application.
    5. Renewal options will be available : At the end of your mortgage term, you will be able to renegotiate terms. During your current term, you can work on your financial situation.

    Three Benefits of Getting a Bad Credit Mortgage

    Consolidate or catch up on your debt

    By getting a bad Credit Loan, you will be able to deal with debts and high payments each month by consolidating them all into one payment. Your debt will then be all together in one lower payment.

    More available funds

    Getting this type of loan will help you with having more of a cash flow. The loan lowers your payment so you have more money for the everyday things you need.

    Plan for the future

    A Bad Credit Mortgage will allow your credit score to rise after you start making payments. The more time goes on, and the more payments you make, the better your score will become. You will be able to get better terms later on, saving thousands of dollars in interest.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    For all the first time home buyers, to canalize their mortgages, there are a number government programs available. Once you are eligible for these programs, you can acquire any one of them. The government has some programs like First-time home buyers’ credit, RRSP home buyers’ plan (HBP), 5% down payment program, HST new housing rebate and Land transfer tax rebates.
    5% down payment is available to you for homes up to $500,000 as the purchase price. First time Home Buyers will have to put 10% “on the portion” of the price over $500,000. For instance On a purchasing a home for the price of $700,000, the minimum down payment the buyer has to pay will be calculated as 5% on the first $500,000 payments that will be around $25,000 and 10% on the next $200,000 which would be around $10,000. So the total down payment will sum up to $35,000.