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    Commercial Mortgage

    Commercial Mortgage in Brampton

    Applying and getting any mortgage can be a tedious task. To minimize the risk, lenders ensure to go through the credibility and the income earning potential of the borrower for commercial mortgage in Brampton.
    Aspiring Entrepreneurs and business owners can avail Commercial Mortgages in Brampton with AKAL Mortgages Inc.

    How Can You Borrow a Commercial Mortgage in Brampton?


    If you plan to live in the home for more than five years, you need not worry about portability that is, shifting the mortgage to a new property.

    Low-Frills Mortgages

    If you don’t plan on moving, refinancing or making huge prepayments in the upcoming five years, you can consider low-frills mortgages.


    Most first-timer buyers opt for a 5-year fixed rate because they cannot afford an interest risk.

    Hybrid Mortgages:

    If you do go variable, look for one that maintains your payment the same regardless of interest rate variations. It’s easier for budgeting and gives you peace of mind if rates start climbing.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If and whenever you decide to go in for self-employment a commercial mortgage specialist helps in reducing your financial worries by providing you loan on your property thus reducing the pressure on your savings.
    The amount offered is on the basis of the assessment done about the value of property, the size of the deposit that you (the applicant) can offer and the ratio between your LTV and the amount to be sanctioned.
    No you can apply for any amount but it will depend on the assessment done as to how much will be sanctioned by the lender