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    Mortgage Brokers in Milton

    Brampton is well equipped with a variety of lenders such as major banks, private lenders, financial institutions and also commercial lenders. Even better are the Mortgage brokers in Brampton who can provide best services. With all their requirements and eligibilities varying from one end to another, we at AKAL Mortgages Inc., Mortgage brokers in Brampton, work to match and connect borrowers with their potential lenders.
    Our network is widely spread and have strong connections built over several years, which can help you secure not just a good rate but also an exclusive deal matching your background.

    Our Mortgage Advisory services in Milton include:

    Get a Free Consultation and a no-obligations mortgage plan with rate for you.


    If you plan to live in the home for more than five years, you need not worry about portability that is, shifting the mortgage to a new property.

    Low-Frills Mortgages

    If you don’t plan on moving, refinancing or making huge prepayments in the upcoming five years, you can consider low-frills mortgages.


    Most first-timer buyers opt for a 5-year fixed rate because they cannot afford an interest risk.

    Hybrid Mortgages:

    If you do go variable, look for one that maintains your payment the same regardless of interest rate variations. It’s easier for budgeting and gives you peace of mind if rates start climbing.

    The application process

    Private lenders offer online applications that don’t focus on scrutinizing your financial life but rather it focuses on getting you the amount you need.

    The personalized service

    The mortgage specialist that you work with often knows the inside details of your financial situation and the pros and cons that help them avail you the best options for you as a personalized service.

    Freedom of choice

    One positive point about a private mortgage is that you can select who you want to work with. When you go for a traditional mortgage lender you need to go with the person assigned by the bank for you.

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