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refinance mortgage homeWhether you are looking to consolidate some debt or simply get a better interest rate on your current mortgage, getting a mortgage refinance can be a good solution. Mortgage refinancing is a strategy that is used by many Canadians, and it can offer a lot of benefits.

debt akalIf you have been struggling to pay off debt and are wondering how you’re ever going to accomplish it, there is a simple strategy that can help. It’s called debt consolidation. What this means is that you take all of your high interest debt payments and roll them into one payment that has less interest.

This can not only help to save you money on interest, but it can also help you to get out of debt faster and repair your credit.

mortgage preapproveHave you made the decision to purchase a new home? If so, one of the first steps you will want to take is to contact your mortgage broker in order to get a mortgage Pre-Approval.

IMG 4949If you have struggled to get a mortgage loan in the past, do not give up. At AKAL Mortgages, we are here to help you find your perfect financial solution. There are alternatives to a traditional loan. Private mortgages are designed to help those who otherwise could not qualify for a mortgage.  If you are self-employed, a “flipper,” foreign investor, working on your credit score or taxes, or someone who is starting a business or equity, there are many benefits to getting a private mortgage. With the strict lending requirements in place today, private mortgages may be the way to go for you. 


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  • Jas Bath

    The experience with AKAL Mortgages is great!!! I recently got approved for a business loan thought them and the agent that helped me with the process was outstanding. I am impressed with the convenience and very helpful service. I hear their agents on the radio all the time making consumer aware of the options available about mortgages and loans. And, they way they do, touch my heart. So honest and ethical.

  • Oli Rubion

    My wife and I visited AKAL mortgages due to their reputation in the market. We were attended in a timely fashion to discuss our mortgage and line of credit needs. We are so glad that we were provided with great options and solutions to choose from. We are very happy and satisfied from the services provided by AKAL mortgages. We definitely recommend their services to our family and friends.


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