property scamIt’s unfortunate, but mortgage scams happen to unsuspecting homebuyers’ everyday throughout Canada. Buying a home is a huge financial decision that needs to be carefully planned, researched and then made. There are a few different types of scams, but the 3 to watch out for when you’re shopping around are:

  • Online scams

  • Rent-to-own scams

  • Unlicensed or shady mortgage brokers

Although there are many other scams out there, these are the most common for many potential homeowners’ like yourself. Let’s dive a little deeper into them.

mortgage broker MelbourneDid you know Canadian Mortgage Brokers have accomplished a combined funding amount of more than $7 billion in the year, 2016? And not just that, a majority of brokers also foresee a 10% increase in 2017's data evaluation. So let's learn how to gain the most from such good Mortgage Brokers in Canada.

OCIFGG0 Who knew having a small business could avail so many benefits. By just having an annual gross revenue below $10,000,000 can avail you a loan of 1,000,000 from the Federal Government.

154944729 PeterDazeley PhotographersChoice GettyImages RentalProperty 56a635863df78cf7728bd834If you’re looking for a way to enter the real estate market and considering a rent-to-own home, then you should be aware that renting-to-own is extremely risky and super expensive.

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